What's Different About Us?

We teach Tai Chi in its broadest sense, as an art that enhances mind, body and spirit. Unlike traditional martial arts schools that focus on self-defense, we view Tai Chi as a health exercise, a soft martial art, a meditation, a stress-reducer, a philosophy, a form of conflict resolution and a way of life.

We add Qigong (pronounced "chee gung" ), Chinese health exercises that combine gentle body movements, breath practice, deep relaxation and self-massage to stimulate the body's immune system and promote wellness.

We focus on internal awareness. Although correct structure and form are important, the true goal of Tai Chi is not to learn a set of movements, but to develop internal awareness. This internal awareness leads to an understanding of change as a natural life process. By developing inner sensitivity to the rhythm of things and accepting them as they are, we begin work with change instead of against it.

We promote Tai Chi and Qigong as Complementary and Alternative Medicine through alliances with certified health professionals and organizations.

Modified Dec 11, 2006